The Hastings Center

an all ages recreation center


Hastings Recreation Center was founded on a single principle: at every opportunity, do good. Do good for the community. Do good for the people around you. Do good, and good will come back to you ten times over. Today, we are open seven days a week, from 7AM to 8PM to complete this mission. This has proven true over the years and is something we plan to stick to for as long as our community will have us. To keep you WANTING us, we provide the following and we will work to provide more in the coming years.

Swimming Pool

Just last year, we were lucky enough to run a successful fundraising campaign for our olympic-size swimming pool, becoming the first non-educational institution in the region to have one. The response has been incredible, and we are currently working on creating some structured events and clubs around the pool. For now, it is open every morning from 7 to 10, and every night from 5 to 8. There is always a lifeguard on duty during these times, so feel free to send your kids!

Game Room

We aren’t the biggest fans of kids sitting around and playing video games alone in their rooms. We aren’t against it because of the games necessarily, though. We’re against the ALONE part. Over the last few years, the efforts of a couple of our more game-centered volunteers have yielded a nice little retro gaming center that kids and adults love. We have eight arcade cabinets, including PacMan and Donkey Kong, and though you might expect for kids to simply laugh at something so outdated, they can often be found surrounding a player, talking to one another, and competing for a high score.

Fitness Center

While we do not have any plans to take over as the main gym in town, we offer plenty to help members of our community center get their workouts in. We offer a suite of treadmills, elliptical trainers, stationary bikes, and some free weights. In addition, there is space in the fitness center to house our weekly yoga and meditation classes. Many of our members, particularly our senior members, make great use of the equipment for low-impact, high-intensity (or whatever intensity they choose) workouts.

Community Meeting Room

Originally, the meeting room was meant to become something. We weren’t sure what, and for a while, it was just storage, but it was meant to be something structured and purposeful. The thing is, the room meant for the community was eventually DEVELOPED by the community, and it became our meeting room. People would call and say they needed space to house their book club, for example, and so we’d clean out the storage room and let them at it once a week. Next, a grieving meeting. Then a fantasy baseball club. Finally, we found more space for the cleaning supplies and whatnot, found a suitable table, put a coffee machine in there and called it a meeting room. Today, it’s used every evening and most mornings for everything from science fairs to board meetings.