The Hastings Center

an all ages recreation center


At Hastings Recreation Center, we pride ourselves on being open and available for any and all people in our community. Most centers such as ours do not have a variety of memberships, and certainly do not start with a free membership that includes anywhere near what we offer. But that’s who we are. It’s our mission to “Do Good,” and you can’t do good if you cut yourself off from the people you serve, or if you hide your service behind a paywall. Here are the memberships we offer:

Bronze – $0/month

The bronze level of membership at Hastings gives you access to all of our indoor meeting space and arcade space. This means that if you want to join, for example, one of our book clubs, you don’t have to pay us to enjoy it. Just show up and use the space. Hastings was founded in order to provide it, and it is our honor to do so. Further, if you have kids who might not enjoy waiting around for that book club to end, they can use the retro arcade to their hearts’ content.

Silver – $10/month

Silver members enjoy not just our indoor space, but our outdoor recreation space as well. That means you get all the meeting space and the arcade included in the FREE Bronze membership, plus the baseball field, soccer field, basketball court, tennis court, and general use field. We have a variety of organized sporting events and intramural events that require the use of our outdoor space. Silver members have full access here.

Gold – $30/month

Gold members have complete access to all of our facilities. All of the indoor and outdoor space, plus our recently added olympic-sized pool. This pool is the pride and joy of many of our members, as fundraising for the pool was almost entirely volunteer-lead. We offer classes, and during the summer we have open swim for the children of all of our gold members. Furthermore, we have senior water aerobics classes and during all hours of operation, we have paid professional lifeguards on duty. Safety is our main concern, so when we are off hours the pool is locked up tight. Gold members get everything we offer, so it is worth every penny.