The Hastings Center

an all ages recreation center

Classes and Events

When we created Hastings Recreation Center, we simply wanted a safe, engaging place for kids after school. We figured it wasn’t enough just to tell them to stay off the street; we had to give them a better alternative. It turns out, even doing that successfully wasn’t enough to fulfill our mission to “Do Good.” Doing good in your community means serving the entire community to the best of your ability. We try to do that and will continue to for as long as this amazing community allows it. To that end, we’ve developed some classes and events to further serve and showcase this wonderful community and the people in it.

Senior Exercise Program

Over the years, we’ve been lucky enough to build and attain some of the highest-quality non-commercial facilities around, and all of that is maintained by our members. With these facilities, we are able not only to allow access, thereby allowing our members to use them as they see fit, but we are able to help those in need of more structure or accommodation, like our senior community. Seniors have such a wide variety of skills, abilities, and needs, and if it were not for our amazing facilities, we would not be able to serve all of these needs. Whether our senior members want to do water aerobics in our olympic-size pool, frisbee golf on our two acres of land, or yoga in our state-of-the-art studio, our senior community has everything it needs to enjoy a healthy lifestyle.

English as a Second Language

When we became a community center, we quickly became aware of all the communities within our community that were under-served. One such community is our immigrant community. Of course, there are so many things we can do to help our immigrant community, but none of them matter if that community cannot communicate with the people around them. Unfortunately, upward mobility is almost impossible without communication, so we provide the space for such classes. We have seen these classes help people, and look forward to seeing what they can continue to do in the future.

Summer Local Music Saturday Series

The greatest part of this community is not the great facilities, not the amazing scenery, it’s the people who comprise it. These people are kind and generous, but most remarkable of all, they are incredibly talented. We are surrounded by smart people with amazing skills, and at Hastings, we want to showcase them as much as possible. This is especially true for our local musicians. From blues to pop to classical and everything in between, our community is teeming with incredible musicians. So, from June 1 through the end of September, we feature one musician or musical act every Saturday night at 6pm. Come check it out!